Adrega PI

Adrega PI

Adrega PI is a technology leading project scheduling and control tool designed for project and portfolio management (PPM). It provides a user-friendly approach to advanced project management features. The system helps you in managing any project from small and medium sized up to large offshore projects. Adrega PI is the tool for solving the challenges of managing resources across a portfolio of projects.

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About Adrega AS

Adrega AS is a Norwegian software company which develops the web-based project and portfolio management tool Adrega PI (Project Intelligence) as well as offering consultancy services and support. Adrega PI is a leading tool for planning and executing projects of all sizes and complexity. 

Adrega PI has been in daily use by many companies since 2005. Adrega has strong customer relations and installations with industry leaders, where Adrega PI is well integrated in their workflows and ERP systems. Adrega PI fulfills oil & gas industry requirements for project reporting.


The Adrega PI software

Adrega Project Intelligence

Adrega PI makes it easy to execute projects on time, at cost, and with the correct quality. It adds value by providing a proactive approach to project management which can detect errors and discrepancies early enough to implement corrective actions in a timely manner.

Adrega PI's goal is to provide a platform for project control that supports not only the control aspect of the process but also the communication. Communicating concise, accurate and timely information to project members both external and internal is the key to project success.